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Chambres d'hôtes en Baie de Somme

300, rue Jules Gaffé - 80230 SAINT-VALERY-SUR-SOMME
GPS : 50.184840 (50°11'5" N) / 1.634657 (1°38'5" E)

Arriving at Saint Valery sur Somme take the direction of the Port. Walk along the harbor; in front of the tourist office the road becomes paved.

Continue straight on the cobblestones you arrive at a square with parking (Place pilots) Go around this place. Take a very small road that climbs to your right called Quai Violette (be careful you miss it often, it's hairpin)

Climb this hill pass a series of turns continue until the top is the last house on the right. (There are 300 m down the coast), the house numbering is linear so we have number 300 our immediate neighbor (the parish house) is number 260.

You can also arrive by the medieval city: follow the signs Center paroissial.